In an actively growing world of consumers we must start to think about those little things we can do to stabilise and finally reduce our waste production. Those are little shifts that i started making and that everyone can make in one decision – it involves generally a one time investment for a long term use.

BOTTLES are important in our everyday lives. We must stay hydrated and warm when we travel or go out of our homes. It is so easy and confortable to buy plastic bottles right ?
Shifting to a reusable bottle has a huge impact in term of ecology – as you know – but seriously, it is so much more practical and economical ! You always have liquids with you, it can even stay warm when you need it. You don’t have to worry about buying another bottle somewhere.
I would never recomend enough the GLASS BOTTLES. They are a bit more heavy when you have to carry them around but when they are part of our eveyday lives in our homes it’s a real beauty. The liquids are kepts perfectly safe in it. No risk at all. + the blue glass bottle activate and structure the water when put in contact with the sun (make your researches) – put them at your window when the sun is here and enjoy the extra benefits it gives to the water.
With my REUSABLE COFFEE CUP i can always ask to fill it at the bars and restaurants to take away, it’s super easy and usually people are happy to see me with, trying to save the planet even at my little scale. Those little zero waste habits really bring people together about the same cause and can even open great discussions.

I am in a phase of constent fight/discussion with people behaviors when it comes to eat outside or at events. Investing in some REUSABLE USTENSILS like forks, spoons, sticks in glass, metal, wood … is very important. Again it’s a one time investment. If you take care to have them with you anywhere you go you don’t have to worry about anything. They are always ready to serve you and give you the satisfaction to refuse the one use plastic ustensils that are still Too much present in our societies.

E v e r y w h e r e.

“NO STRAW PLEASE” at bars and restaurants – such a challenge because servers are accustomed to put straws in the drinks, it’s nobody’s fault it became such a pattern in people’s mind. But try it as much as possible. If you can’t do without a straw no problem just bring your own reusable one ! I didn’t invest in it because it never been a habit or a necessity for me.
BAGS. GROCERY BAGS. The satisfaction is also so high. Having your own bags is a blast. I swear. You feel so good using them each time. They are way more prettier than plastic bags and they will last for a way longer time – if not forever. It takes no space in your handbag and you can even let them in your car so you have them all the time with you when you go in spontaneous grocery shopping! Also, Fruits and vegetable don’t obviously need to them in a bag, 5 apples can stay on their own with the rest of your items. However if you want to be next level you can find thin tissu bags made for your fruits and veggies. It also keep them fresher longer in your fridge without having to use plastic!


Transitioning to the MENSTRUAL CUP has been a real game changer for me. I’ve always been really uncomfortable with the idea to using tampons. Uncomfortable and really not in touch with my body. Like a lot of us girls. The cup is so practical, so much cleaner, so economic et so much ecologic than any other protections available today. And i love the fact that it forces you to learn about your body. All the girls and woman should be in touch with their body and should think about menstruations in a more comfortable, natural and relax way.
COTTONS are so polluting. And they are meant to be bought over and over again. Plus the make up remover products that in my opinion are mostly more bad than good for your eyes and your skin. I do use cottons made from recycled material shaped in discs. I use them everyday with COCONUT OIL on them or any other oil to remove my make up and hydrate my skin. One they are overused i will just wash them by hand or put them with my clothes to wash with the same soap i use for my skin or my neutral alternative way to wash my clothe in the machine. I could show you in future post or video!
And that’s it. So easy, practical, economical and ecological…
The issue about TOOTHBRUSHES felt on me one day. I couldn’t believe that our toothbrushes were not recyclable..! Which means that all the toothbrushes used for years and generations are still actually on the planet! Not recycled or reused. Tragical for me. I couldn’t see my toothbrush anymore. I found out pretty fast about the bamboo option. A bit more expensive than the plastic one but 100% biodegradable… ? No traces of it if you put it to compost. The same results as a normal toothbrush. Even the packaging is not plastic so …
At the moment I do still use the plastic tubes of toothpastes but we speak about taking baby steps here, taking time to get aware and transition when we feel ready. Never blame yourself for not starting.
I really want to start making my own toothpaste and deodorant – it’s coming !
Bisous !