I have been waiting a long time to finally sit down and write those lines for me and you.

The end of 2018 was quite packed with exams, projects, healing and travels.
2019 has started now and a tone of experiences are yet to come, lots of goals may have been set waiting to be checked off the do to list – but will they really ?
We may think we’re going to get ALL of the things done – but let’s be real, life just gets in the way sometimes. And our priorities are constantly moving.

But here we are! We’ve made it through 2018… a pretty hard-rocky year if I may say.

Honestly, 2018 was one of the hardest of my entire life. Congratulations to us for sticking out the highs and the lows!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the struggles of last year it is to remain patient when times are not easy, and to always, always, always shift my focus to gratitude.
When we focus on what we are thankful for there is literally no room for anything else. We are sucked into the present moment and our worries subside. We are in control of our mind and thoughts.

No matter how impossible life can sometimes feel, it is important to maintain composure by remembering that there is always a lesson to learn from the darkness. The lesson can be invisible at first but with a bit of distance and as time goes by we surrender more and more and it reveal itself to us.

I want you to know that I am not exempt from pain. Although I strive to put my best foot forward every single day, I too experience heartbreak, health struggles, and leftover battle wounds from trauma.
But this is what makes us grow stronger (if we allow it to). And this is what makes us witness the progress and the healing.

New year doesn’t mean new resolutions that we are not gonna be able to keep and make true. My vision is that rare are the things that remains in the long run when  we started them as a periodic thing. I make sense ? The real transformation for me has been when I stopped wanting to try everything with a limited period of time and started one step at the time implementing and shifting my habits in the will of creating a LIFESTYLE.

Looking at each areas of our lives and as time flows and growth occurs WE can find the energy and the motivation to take responsibility for the things in our lives we are not happy with.

I want to share with you in this blog post 5 of the most transformative practices that changed my life and made me who I am today, growing so much faster than I ever did and finally thriving with healthy and simple habits that help me go throughout my days and build my dream life and career slowly and strongly.



Getting more stable on my sleep patterns and night rituals improved massively my overall well being those past 3 years.
I would say that I never had much trouble sleeping but my restful times weren’t stable at all. I would sleep too much or too less on and on (teenager life). I loved sleeping but this wasn’t one of my priorities.

I now sleep between 7 and 8 hours every nights without exceptions.

During our Sleep Cycle, our bodies release all kind of vital hormones that help to build muscle and recover our bodies from the day’s work. We regenerate ourselves resetting and re balancing at so many levels. When we don’t sleep properly, these hormones aren’t released and therefore we don’t feel “well rested”.
The most regenerative and intense hours are between 22PM and 2AM. I am not there yet though. I sleep around 23PM or even 00:00 every night – except when i am really tired and need or crave a good long night sleep.

Some easy things you can do to better your sleep experience are :
– Plan ahead the moment you would like to be asleep
– Be in your bed 30mn before that time to come down and set your brain to slowly fall asleep
– Put the lights down and create a cosy low light ambiance that will tell your brain that night is coming
– Try to eat at least 2 hours before you go to sleep not directly before
– The light on our phones, tablets, computers, trigger our brains into thinking it’s “day time” and therefore time to be awake. Turning off all electronics at least one hour before to sleep could drastically improve your sleep habits. Try to switch off all your devices completely – if not – cut the wifi and turn your phone to flight mode to reduce the electromagnetic waves that radiate and can disrupt our sleep patterns.
– Read a book, write about your day or your intentions for the day to come or just lay down in your bed quietly breathing and slowly diving into unconsciousness and sleep visualizing your dream life.

Nothing is about perfection here. Just about being conscious for all the little things we can do when we need it to feel better and take better care of ourselves.



Getting aware and conscious about the food I decide to put inside my body – in other words inside myself – has been the first and main game changer for me. Everything else followed as every areas of our lives are connected. I woke up from numbness and finally was able to better understand and put words on certain chronic conditions and symptoms, feelings I had for years and never questioned before. I never really thought that I could feel better than what I thought “feeling good” actually was at that time. I could then hang on something and learn basics to heal myself alone. That was a huge revelation .. hell yeah. I don’t say that you don’t need doctors and health professionals because you do! however we lost this ancestral knowledge and forgot the basics of nutrition and how to feed ourselves to feel and function our best.
We eat for our emotions before to eat for our bodies. We give it the biggest crap ever without any moderation and control anymore.

Nothing is about diet it’s about lifestyle again. Creating simple and healthy habits that will follow you every single day unconsciously and will have cuntless repercutions on your overall wellbeing!

Balancing our consumption of beverages, alcohol, animal products is key here. I felt in love so much with my new relationship with food and plant based food and in the course of 3 years I have been full on in it. At this period of my life I no longer consume animal products. I don’t need etiquette or putting myself in a group to know what is good for me at that moment. We are in constant evolution after all. What’s for sure though is that adding an extra fruit and vegetable here and there and reduce or stop even for a small period of time processed foods/processed sugar/animal products or coffee will NEVER BE BAD – In the contrary, it will make so much GOODNESS in your body – supporting it and keeping it running while we are living our fast and crazy stressful lives.

I associate my dietary shifts to my new strong mind, happiness, lower stress and anxiety, more energy and strenght, more inspiration and motivation!

Sometimes you just need to change one area of your life to finally align with all the others. Just remember that nothing happen overnight and if you want a real long term result you have to be patient and go one day at the time. It is totally worth it !

Some easy things you can do to help you clean up your diet are :
– preparing your lunch box the night before or the morning to avoid buying processed/junk food at work ( +economical  and less plastic)
– put some fruits in your bag to encourage you to eat them when you are craving something at work or out
– install a day in the week without meat or any animal product and explore the diversity of options you have from the Hole Foods Kingdom ( you can always ask me for ideas 😉 )
– learn yourself to cook – step by step – no need to make crazy recipes at all
– Simple is better; your meal can consist on very few ingredients, no need to think to much
– Food is a rich sensory experience. Choose items that are abundant in colors and full of life, like fruits, smoothies and green juice
– Get out of comfort and explore new foods you never tried or had a bad relationship with as a kid
– Discover the magical universe of farmer’s market – it’s an addiction to me now
– Find inspiration people around you that we help you along the way !!




This practice is about replacing limiting beliefs with positive truth. Limiting believes are words and thoughts we tell ourselves, the things we hear from society or the things we are told growing up. 
To cite more than one, the top 5 Lies I used to tell myself were:

– l am not good enough
– I am too spontaneous and can’t stay focus on one project or activity at the time to build something stable for myself and the people I love
– I am too emotional and impatient
– I can’t have a flexible and lean body, it’s just impossible
– I am not worthy

These are just simple stories that I once was choosing to tell myself to carry within. Then I opened my eyes and a sweet one told me that I can choose to drop each and every one of these beliefs and replace them with a more real and abundant belief.

Those beliefs were just holding me back from starting to build the life I dream of and discover my true potential. 

“I am not enough of…” “I am not capable of…” “It’s not my time yet” “I dont deserve this” 

One of the first and main thing to do in order to work on reversing them is getting them all clear by writting them down, speacking them out loud and then looking at them for what they are which is a COMPLETE LIE. We are unconsciously brain washing ourselves and telling ourselves stories that are limiting us in our lives, limiting us from growing too big or too happy or too thriving, living our best potencial. The exercice is to get clear on them on spot them when they come in your thoughts or in the conversation you can be having with someone and directly overcome them – replace them with positive truths also known as affirmations. I went from a very low place of destructive beliefs and thoughts – berely feeling able to shine – to a place of confidence and light. I now know that I am capable of anything I set my mind to. I am drawing my life and I accept obstacles and failures as another step along the journey. I have the power to be the most healthy, strong, lady boss I dream of if I want to. We are exactly where we need to be. The hardest moments may let us hopeless sometimes however they make us who we are and we have the power to decide rather we will build ourselves positively and keep moving forward with it or not. 


– Find a moment, reflect and write all those little lies down on a paper. Think about all areas of your life :

Relationship : ” I am not entertaining enough” “I am not interesting enough” ..
Career, Finances “I am too young to be succefull” “I am too little to make an impact on the world” “I look too young to be taken seriously” “I am not enough … blablablablabla”
Health – Physical and Mental

When we’ve come to a long enough list of limiting beliefs you can rewrite them all one by one in the reverse way !

“I am not enough..” = “I am capable of…” or “I deserve to…”

This has been one of the most rewarding practice for me. I just turned my brain the other way around. My open fight to negativism and self-destructivism is now gaining terrain and I never felt that powerful in my entire life.
When something is coming at me and start stressing me or make me feel anxious I have now the control to step out of it, observe, analyse and discuss with myself the options and reasons available. Like a friend would do for me but this friend now is myself ! I am finally here for myself !

This work on my mindset will never stop. I will always be working on it and it will be times when I need to work harder than others to support myself and the experiences that are everyday coming at me without me to always ask for it.

Ready to try ?




Another key factor in nutrition is hydration! Our society is chronically dehydrated. We are always told “drink more water, it’s so good for you!” But WHY is it so important to have adequate hydration?

Water is essential for life. Our bodies depend on water to maintain homeostasis and organ function. There are countless benefits to staying hydrated with high quality (alkalized) water such as improving skin complexion, flushing out toxins, and increasing concentration + alertness, just to name a few.

The easiest daily practice that i find works best for me is to drink at least 500ml to 1L of water first thing in the morning. Just make it a habit. Then I focus on consuming my daily dose of fruits in the morning giving me more hydration. And throughout my day I consume more hydrating fruits and vegetables and sip on water periodically or teas or juices. Do this for several days in a row and before you know it, it will come naturally – your body will start craving hydration and you may become more aware about your hydration state. When I got in this conscious practice I was suddenly very thirsty all the time. I realized that I most likely stayed dehydrated for so many years. And I am still working hard on it! Staying hydrated will provide you with enormous amounts of energy as well as keeping you feeling and looking young and vibrant! It also keep everything flowing in your body making sure your organs are running correctly.

Some easy things you can do to improve your hydration level are :
– Prepare a big glass of water next to your bed ready to drink when you wake up
– I personally opt for water infused with lemon, lime (+ cayenne pepper sometimes), but there are so many fruit, veggie, and herb infused water recipes you can try out to see what resonates best with you
– Get a reusable bottle and fill it with water to carry it with you anywhere you go! It reduces also your plastic footprint for the good of our beautiful planet
– Prefer fruits or juices for snacks when you have the choice



Movement is part of who we are. When we stay immobile for a too long period of time we genuinely want and need to move, stretch in order to feel our bodies again and be more comfortable. We may think that we move when we walk down the street to grab a bus or buy some groceries or even when we get up the stairs. However it is not enough to feel really good. I believe that I always moved quite a bit. Without being any kind of super athlete, super sporty girl I always liked it and I was always curious to try out another activity, another sport and see how it feels. However I never stayed a long period of time doing one thing. I always thought that was bad and I was blaming myself for loosing interest way too fast. But the answer I have today is that I just never found the type of activity that was for me. – Until Yoga and the way I have been introduced with it. I was constantly telling myself that I wasn’t able to be flexible or to control my balance and my mind enough. Imagining myself in a full slipt or inverted on my head was juste not happening. I mean, I was not even thinking about it as it was just not an option ahah.

When you start moving more your body hurts. It hurst and It can be very unconfortable when you haven’t move that way for a while. Your body hurts because It is waking up. Your muscles that you forgot about for so long are suddenly asked to work more than what you usually demand them to. Like any healing or evolution process you gotta feel worst before to feel the best you ever felt. So you need to understand that it requires time and consistency. I promise you gonna fall in love with it.

Growth in every area of my life has become my biggest passion..

Yoga gave me a space to slowly evolve and discover my body, my mind and obviously what connects them both which is myself. I opened my consciousness on so many levels. I relearned to breath properly and to use the power of being in the present moment more often. But most importantly it became a tool that I can use quickly when I feel the need. I may be using big words here but honnestly my confidence went through the roof as I was progressing and geeting stronger. Since then I do it to proove myself wrong of my past limiting beliefs and I became a observer to my journey rather than the victim of it.

It is yoga for me but it can be another form of movement for you! Find it and dont give up because perfection is not existing and you can never arrive at the top. Life is great for that, whatever goals you set yourself to you will always find other one coming on the way so you can never stop growing. Being old should never be an excuse to forget our Ambitions and Goals !

Aside from this open love letter to yoga ! Sometimes the greatest remedy for a lack of energy is to use energy to create more of it. Making time as soon as you wake up to get your blood flowing and heart pumping is, to me, far superior to any wakefulness you can achieve from stimulants such as coffee. There are various ways to move your body, from jogging, body weight workouts or power walking to hula hooping, dancing or yoga… get imaginative and choose an exercise activity that inspires and excites you. Not only will you increase stamina, body strength and even flexibility, but the increase in endorphins, a mood-boosting hormone your body produces when you exercise, will keep you smiling too!

Some easy things you do to improve movement and breathing in your life are :
– Walk or take your Bike whenever you can
– Try out some kind of meditation or relaxation even 5mn per day and eventually make a habits
– Youtube is full of all level videos could it be slow movements and stretching like yoga or something more punshy to feel on fire and full of energy. May it be 5 or 10 or 1h long take some selfcare time for you and move. Nothing must be perfect and nobody must judge you ! You are beautiful !


You will find in the Ressources Page lots of videos, articles and books that inspired me immensely and helped me go further in my transformation ! HERE !!


If you arrived until there Thank you! I sincerely hope this lecture was in any way possible valuable to you ! Do not hesitate to continu the conversation and add some of your own life changing practice you went through and to share your experiences with me !

Lots of love,