My Photo Services are Unique.


I have shared my thoughts on several occasions on the subject of finding his Style as a young Photographer – amateur or pro.
I firmly believe that no matter what creative medium we use we should not identify with a particular movement or genre from the start because it is a Creative-killer. Faster than you think this “style” will be refined and offered to our eyes to see without being asked.

For a little over a year now I realize more and more that Photography for me personally is a therapeutical practice. It is a connection tool, it is a tool that I use to get out of my shell, to get out of my doubts and my fears during a photo shoot. Whether a solo session of self-portrait, landscapes or with a friend, a client, a model …

My feelings of abandonment, of letting go, of concentration are expanded even to the person in front of me whom I am there to photograph. I understood that what I offer during my performances is more than a selection of photographs.

It’s a Moment.
An experiment.
A space where you can feel safe.
Without judgments. Without fear.

The look changes. All I see is a potential. A potential that translates creatively. Light. Colours. Curves, lines, shadows, textures. Emotions.

My dialogue changes. I translate what I see, I share what I feel, I encourage, I see only the beauty given on a silver platter for me and my model to take and play with.

I enter a space where my intuition takes over. I forget all the technical aspect of the photo and let my unconscious take care of it so that I can be 100% with you. Take care of you. Make you feel listened to and truly seen, for the unique person that you are.

The images that come out of this moment are like an extra bonus – a testimony, a proof that this moment really existed – I push us out of time in a dance, we forget everything else – and the photos are there to remind us . Remind us that it is possible. Possible to reconnect to the present and reconnect to who we are at the roots. Creative, light, loving, curious and inspired beings.

My message is simple. A photo shoot doesn’t have to be embarrassing. It doesn’t have to put you to the test as much. It doesn’t have to make you feel ashamed. It is quite the opposite.

I want to make you feel involved in the process of creating your images as much as I am myself as a photographer. There are no photos without the model and no photos without the photographer. We are equal, just as important to each other. We discuss, we exchange our ideas, we are a team. It’s very powerful! and I would like to see this kind of behavior and this vision more often in portrait photographers …

I see your eyes open and your faces light up each time, which encourages me and shows me that what happens during these sessions is true and beautiful. Which pushes me to continue because we all leave fulfillled and rested from those creative sessions.

I would be in France during the period from the end of February to mid March!
I am available for photo shoots with you – and I have a few days left to organize my sessions and my dates so contact me if you want to try the experience! I would be very happy to be able to bring this experience to life other than through this letter with you 🙂

With Love,