Welcome to the Wide Awake Photography Ebook!

A Visual Journey To Growth


For the last 1 year and a half now I have been working on and off, quite periodically on a Book! Coming from a place of Lack of Expression, Self Sabotage, Self Doubt, Negativism… This project means the world to me. 

It pushes me and reminds me that I AM CAPABLE of doing great things, it challenges me to concretise it and make it ready to share with you.

 Because if few or even just ONE person can benefit from the Insights and Advices coming from this Book – Then I won my bet and I am extremely happy.

THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU; Complete Photography Novice, Beginner Photographer or Advanced Photographer that want to take their practice to a whole new understanding and level. 

What you will learn here will not only support you to kick start your hobby or career as a Photographer, it will provide you with a range of valuable information on the Human Mind and how to Optimise it to finally be on the road you always wanted for yourself in your life.

WITH THAT SAID, The Wide Awake Photography Guide is made to be used as a Lecture as well as a Practical Reminder that you can access and reuse anytime; Before, After and During your Practice of Photography or as a Personal Development ressource.

What is Wide Awake Photography ?

It’s time to rewrite ourselves

“Wide Awake Photography” aims to be a tool for anyone dreaming about starting his life career or side hobby as a photographer. It will speak both to beginners and more advanced practitioners.

In order to build yourself up for success, you need to start with the Mind! Too often neglected and missing from our school programs, the Mindset is the key component of a more happy and conscious life as a whole.

The topic will be mainly focused on portrait photography as it is a main passion of mine. Nevertheless, all the advice and tips presented here are transposable and applicable for all type of photography.

For an optimal use of this ebook, it is better to learn and work with a digital camera as DSLR reflex cameras, however, a last generation smartphone can follow and give you great results as well.

In addition, the book focuses on the visual making of images, communication with a model, the optimal photographer hacks, and mindset to achieve growth and blow your experiences away.

Equipment doesn’t mean everything. Photography is a game you play with your imagination and your eye. It is directly connected to emotions and, as all other art forms, it aims to tell a story and deliver a message, as abstract and unconscious as it may be. Rather it is only for you or for others to see.

This ebook is all about the visual and technical tools, as well as the healthy habits and thoughts provocations that make you become the person and the artist you dream for yourself to be «someday». It is about what I’ve learned and what I can now pay forward and share with you.

As personal it may be, my wish is to tell you what I would have liked and needed an experienced photographer to tell me at the very beginning of my journey.

In my case, the process of wanting and learning to become a photographer was also the unexpected experience of learning about myself as a person.

This is why, through this ebook, you will find a very strong and open connection between the Photographer’s Mindset and the Mindset of the person you are beyond your professional activities or personal pursuits.

What is included in Wide Awake Photography ?

Challenge, Growth, Expansion, & Evolution


80+  packed pages  :

Loads of visuals featuring my own work and talented friends’s work. Illustrating the whole book for an easier understanding and comprehension of the ideas and notions developped inside. Also, you can know who I am in a deeper level by diving into my visual style and universe.

A good mix of Technical and Creative content available for any levels. My goal is to make Photography easy to grab for all. It is a very wide medium that we can use in an unlimitted amount of ways and forms, it is a tool that we each have to grow in and make our own. I did my best to share those ideas with you throughout this book and show you that it can also be opportunity to expend as a person and a creative.

My background story and why I share what I share. What is my journey so far and what were the reasons for me to dive into the Photographic medium as well as what it gave me. Hint: More than just making photos!!

Step by step guide to kick start your practice. Nothing is forgoten from the very first notions of what is the camera until the most creative and practical advices.

A clear and short introduction to the technical side of photography and how to use your camera, rather it is a dslr or a phone. I dive into the 3 main pillars of the Art of drawing with the light.

Introduction to the Photographer’s Mindset and How to get started! Now it’s time to sit down, reflect and build yourself up from whithin. Decide today and work actively on your mindset along with your technical and visual practice to move faster than anyone else, rather it is in your proffesional journey or your side hobbi adventure.

You will be covered with all the beginners mistakes explained and how to solve them. Easely described and Illustrated, I take you trhough all the common mistakes of the photographer that I have made myself too and still do sometimes. And I tell you all about how to solve them without panic !

Be a Model yourself ! I give you all the thoughts provocations, arguments and advices about Why you should become more confortable about jumping in the model’s place from time to time! As well as many tips and advices to make your experience as a model a blast ! Rather it is for selfportraiture or being photpgraphed by someone.

The very current and obligatory chapter on Social Media and how to improve your uploads. Again I share with you loads of opinions, ideas and advices coupled with a real mini guide on the instagram’s algorythm that most of us do not understand. It is so important nowadays to share our work online and with the high concurence around we must educate ourselfves and become good at showing our presence on the Internet.

You will encounter the mysterious topic of Digital pollution and few simple steps to make your activity sustainable. A new favorite subject of mine. I have been diving so much into lifestyle and how my decisions as a consummer affects the planet. In this way I had to come to question my proffesion and what I discovered blew my mind ! You will love that chapter !

Last but not least, you will be introduced with the too often neglected notion of Money Mindset and how to start your journey towards positivity and abundance. Living in a place of lack does ultimately have repercutions upon the life we live. I propose you an alternate approach and vision on abundance and success.

A ressource page filled with suggestions. Valuable books and Artists that have really contributed to my growth and evolution for the past few years. Most of them are quoted throughout the book and add some depth and meaning to my reflection.


Wide Awake Photography is much more than just a photo book. Lise treats the subject in a completely different way! Forget complicated technical terms and unclear examples. This book does not have any! It is full of tips and methods to help you change your mindset so that you can make the most of your talent. Far from the stereotypes this book is a real coaching for future photographers.


I really like the way this ebook is structured, because it feels very natural to follow each chapter step by step and every question or thought that appears during the process of reading is going to be answered in the next part. It is a really good mixture of text and photographs giving you a really good start in photography.



With Love
Lise Hdx