Making contact: Always excited to meet a new face and a new soul – You tell me about yourself and your desires, and the type of images that you would like us to create. I will answer all your questions. We then find a date for the shooting. And we prepare the last useful details (meeting address, tips for outfits)

Important: If you are stressed, you have never been in front of the camera ( especially with someone you don’t know) , there is no fear to have, we discuss a lot – before, meanwhile and after the shooting, we take coffee/tea, we walk, it will look like a moment ” between friends “, This is very important to me that you feel your best and you go out of this experience as happy as possible. It’s a team work! The camera is not taking pictures of you – But I take picture of you 😉 !

D-day: we meet at the meeting place, in the best mood. We have a drink or a snack, we discuss and i explain you everything. Once comfortable, we get started! I guide throughout the shoot on poses, expressions, so you do not have to think of anything but relax. If you have a desire or an idea? We test, so, zero regret!

And after? I usually let 2 or 3 days in between the session and the first reviewing of the images we’ve made, so i have rested and new eyes on them – more objective and acurate!

Important: In order for your images to be processed with care, a delay of 5/7 days is required to receive images in digital format.

You want to try the experience ?


A very professional photographer, who knew how to put make me feel confident. She is suck a kind soul with an incredible talent. Thank you again for your patience, it was my first shoot and sure not the last one at your side.


The experience allows you to see in the eyes and the objective of the photographer all the beauty that we too often don’t see ourselves. A moment of total benevolence which allows total letting go!


Lise is a real artist. She doesn’t only work wonders with the camera but she also makes the whole procedure feel natural and relaxing. I loved the whole experience of our photo session and I am speechless with the result. Inês

The shootings with Lise are not simple shootings. It’s first of all a meeting, a discussion. After getting to know you Lise knows perfectly how to put you in confidence and make the most of the time spent with you. The result is simply magical!

Lise is a true artist and the moments spent with her are of rare intensity.


It was a pleasure working with Lise. She`s patient, professional and she`s someone you can easily get comfortable with. Her work captures the beauty in different emotions and it shows that she really cares about what she`s doing. It was a lovely experience!


Lise spreads passion with her art. Her static and moving pictures are showing emotions, they are different as her view on the world. It’s always a pleasure to work with her or to be in front of her camera. Such an amazing, artistic and inspiring person.


I have never been particularly comfortable with being photographed by someone. But I had the opportunity to participate in one of Lise’s photographic projects and I must say that she immediately knew how to put me at ease, make me feel confident and above all, she knew exactly how to transcribe the good emotions through the photos she took. I am happy to have been able to experience such a thing.
Super photos, great photographer too! Léa

With her images, Lise teaches us to see our beauty and the beauty of the world around us. Being in front of her lense is to live an experience, to get out of our comfort zone, to feel free, to gain self-confidence … so I can only recommend that you make this gift to yourself! Thank you <3 Mary

Beyond her photographic technique, Lise knows how to capture the emotions and thus make a cliché as impressive as touching! Thanks again and see you soon for another shoot!


I loved this moment of shooting with Lise, we talk, we laugh, we go for a walk; the session and the photos are done naturally. And the result is top!


I was delighted to work with Lise!
We shot all afternoon with a nice light, very very beautiful shots as usual!

I never doubted her talent!
I can not say more to recommend her

Go for it! Bjul

I love working with Lise! She is so creative and feminine in the way she approach her projects. She gives you room to be playful and to try new things and she understands my vision perfectly. Can’t wait till our next project! xx Alice