We carry around a third eye to all the places we visit and work for. And through it we invite you to see the world more alive, more soulful, more cheeky, more free.

Coming from two different countries with two different educations and cultures, we cover both sides of the moon. And when combined, our visions result in a clearer image of the world and life.
We whisper the stories through motion pictures with a different angle, more unique and unexpected, with much attention to detail and super focus on emotion.
And because music rules our worlds as well, we usually collaborate with local artists for a deeper impact on screen.

We dare you to look through our filter of yin and yang.

Our Favorite Topics:

Environment, Self-Sustainbility, Natural Food, Climate Change/Pollution, Yoga, Zero Waist, Alternative Medicine, All forms of Green Actions…
Stereotype-killers !

Personal Work