Always wanted to learn about analogue photography ?

I can teach you on how to use your analogue camera and make successful photographs

And go through the development process in dark room conditions together

This amazing process of physic creation with the light is disepearing. The relation we had with photography and light is changing, evoluting. Doesn’t mean it’s obviously bad – another way of living photography came but some miss the old style sensations and feelings of doing it on your own with your hands from A to Z.

And I can help you with this. I am very grateful for having this knowledge and sharing it around me. It makes Photography more sociable and manual. More imperfect and beautiful.

I can share only the experience of the Black & White photography & development process – no color (yet) which is demanding lot more of equipment in the development process.

YOU HAVE ACCESS TO AN EQUIPED DARK ROOM – We can organise a Workshop and allow a little group of people to gather and learn-share about the Analogue medium for a day or more.

YOU DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO AN EQUIPED DARK ROOM – I make individual or binome sessions. We will use my own equipment ( films, dark room chemicals and tools ) and the development process can happen in any bathroom or room equiped with a sink.