Wide Awake Photography Ebook (EN)

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This Ebook is all about the visual and technical tools, as well as the healthy habits and thoughts provocations that make you become the person and the artist you dream for yourself to be «someday». It is about what I’ve learned and what I can now pay forward and share with you.


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80+  pages covering topics such as :

My mini story

Introduction to Photographer’s Mindset
Healthy Habits for all creatives

Beginner mistakes & How to solve them
How to make an effective selection

Bits of Technical

Communication is Key

Improve your Social Media pictures
Be a model yourself

Photography & Sustainability
Notions of Money Mindset

+ so much MORE!

This ebook aims to be a tool for anyone dreaming about starting his life career or side hobby as a photographer. It will speak both to beginners and more advanced practitioners. In order to build yourself up for success, you need to start with the Mind! Too often neglected and missing from our school programs, the Mindset is the key component of a more happy and conscious life as a whole.

The topic will be mainly focused on portrait photography as it is a main passion of mine. Nevertheless, all the advice and tips presented here are transposable and applicable for all type of photography. For an optimal use of this ebook, it is better to learn and work with a digital camera as DSLR reflex cameras, however, a last generation smartphone can follow and give you great results as well. In addition, the book focuses on the visual making of images, communication with a model, the optimal photographer hacks, and mindset to achieve growth and blow your experiences away.

Equipment doesn’t mean everything. Photography is a game you play with your imagination and your eye. It is directly connected to emotions and, as all other art forms, it aims to tell a story and deliver a message, as abstract and unconscious as it may be. Rather it is only for you or for others to see.

As personal it may be, my wish is to tell you what I would have liked and needed an experienced photographer to tell me at the very beginning of my journey.

In my case, the process of wanting and learning to become a photographer was also the unexpected experience of learning about myself as a person.
This is why, through this ebook, you will find a very strong and open connection between the Photographer’s Mindset and the Mindset of the person you are beyond your professional activities or personal pursuits.

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