Training class or seminar in which the participants work individually and/or in groups to solve actual work related tasks to gain hands-on experience.


I always loved running manual activities. During my years working as a youth leader in holliday camps, with hundreds of fury kids all willing to get distrated for hours and discover new things each seconds, i experienced a lot on what are the main points about running a workshops. What make it so interesting for the participants and what type of relation it creates between the runner and the attendants.
Sharing is living. I never considered myself as a teacher or a leader but i love seing myself able to share my advices and opinions about techniques and experiences i’ve lived.

Since February 2017 i’ve had the chance to come back several times in my life-changing little town of Norway to share my vision and tips on both Outdoor Portraiture and Analogue Photography – Capturing, developing and Silver print process. The workshops are about 2 to 3/4 days long with lectures, practical excercices/production and feedback session at the end.

2017 // February 2017 – Mai 2017 // Outdoor Portraiture – Introduction to Analogue Photography 
2018 // February 2018 // Outdoor Portraiture
2019 // March 2019 // Photographer’s mindset – Outdoor Portraiture

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